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Meet the team behind our pioneering science

At BioMarin, we dare to engage in iterative processes of scientific inquiry in order to fundamentally improve the lives of patients.

BioMarin is home to a progressive team of world-recognised leaders in genomic, molecular, process, safety, and clinical sciences; visionaries in their fields who have been the first to discover and sequence genes like Factor VIII, invent technologies, introduce novel processes and assays, and characterise diseases.

Our comprehensive understanding of each biological pathway, from genotype to phenotype, allows us to creatively harness the most impactful methods of therapeutic intervention.

Learn more about the leaders who propel our scientific ingenuity, below.

Meet Our Scientific Leaders

  • Henry J. Fuchs
    M.D., President, Worldwide Research and Development
  • Lon Cardon
    Ph.D., FMedSci, Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Strategy Officer
  • Kevin Eggan
    Ph.D., Head of Research and Early Development
  • Brinda Balakrishnan
    M.D., Ph.D., Head of Corporate and Business Development
  • Geoff Nichol
    M.B. Ch.B., MBA, FRACP, Chief Medical Officer
  • Victoria Sluzky
    Ph.D., Head of Global Quality and Process Sciences
  • Stephen Zoog
    Ph.D., Head of Translational Sciences
  • Gordon Vehar
    Ph.D., Head of External Innovation
  • Charles A. O'Neill
    Ph.D., Head of Early Drug Development Solutions
  • Jonathan Day
    MBBS, Ph.D., FFPM, FESC, MRCS, Head of Global Clinical Sciences

Meet the Fellows


A Fellow is the highest recognition that scientific researchers can receive at BioMarin, reflecting their direct contributions to the development of our marketed or pipeline therapies.

  • Stuart Bunting
    Ph.D., Fellow, Head of Biology Research
  • David Jacoby
    M.D., Ph.D., Fellow, Head of Discovery Medicine
  • Erno Pungor, Jr.
    Ph.D., Fellow, Analytical Chemistry